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The Big News!





A few months before Covid hit, I went into the studio with the members of the band, Streetlight Shakers: Jeffrey Boratko - keyboards; Silvain Castellano - bass; Nick Powell - drums. We spent three or four hours, recording something like 7 different takes of  "I Don't Mind (That I Can't Get You Off My Mind)" and another 6 of "Friday Night Socialite." The energy and musical camaraderie was nothing short of amazing!


Well, Covid and quarantine obviously put things on hold - UNTIL THIS OCTOBER! I went back into Coffeehouse Recording, in Middletown, CT, and added some more guitar tracks. Then, I brought Jeff Boratko back in, as well as my good friend, Gracie Day (check out my song "She Takes Her Picture At Night"), to help me out with some extra vocals.


Look for the two songs on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, and other music streaming platforms!

Afternoon Reflection/ Bernice, Too

ABOUT A WEEK BEFORE THIS PAST THANKSGIVING, I received a message from Rick Passmore, at Elmwood Productions, requesting permission to use one of my songs in their current productions! I'm excited to announce that "Afternoon Reflection", one of my instrumental pieces (album: Lo-Fi Glimpses") is being used in EP's newest film, "Bernice, Too."


This is not my first association with Jon Bristol's Elmwood Productions. They used several of my songs in their series, "The Risley Brothers", including the closing part of  "Hard To Be Gone" as the theme song!


Join me at the premiere of "Bernice, Too", on Friday, February 18, the historic Warner Theatre, in Torrington, CT! Check out the Elmwood Productions ( website for more info and to view their videos.


Upcoming Music - 2022

SOMETIME THIS MOTNH, I will be returning to Coffeehouse Recording Studio (Middletown, CT) to resume work on the projrct I've been calling "Prone To Wander." Besides the songs I've already released as singles (Ravens & Crows, and Mean-Lookin' Dog), look for (finally!) a studio version of Dinner For Two, At Three, and several other songincluding:


* San Andreas

* Portrait of a Runaway

* Lazarus

* April May Not Like Me


Look for the album sometime in the spring!


After that... tell you later!

CT State Troubadour Update


*update (12/1/21)

The ebb and flow of Covid has delayed the process. A decision will NOT be made until February, 2022.


In 1991, the state of Connecticut established an honorary position: state troubadour. I have been nominated to serve as CT's 18th state troubadour! Now (along with the other nominees) it's time to wait and see! Click below to listen to the song I wrote as part of my application.


* I've recently learned two things: 1) There are approximately 40 other candidates for the position. 2) It's mid-November, and the decision was to have been made by now. However, I received an email about two weeks ago, informing me that the reiew and decision process is behind schedule. So...

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     Look for "I Don't Mind (That I Can't Get You Off My Mind)" and "Friday Night Socialite" to release soon!

                                                                                                                          - with special guests: Gracie Day, Jeffrey Boratko, and Streetlight Shakers!




*** At Home With Robert C. Fullerton (on Facebook Live)

            See you on Wednesday, January 5 and 19, 2022! 7:30 PM


*** Little Red Barn Brewers  Wednesday, January 5,  6:00 PM

            32 Lake St., Winsted, CT


*** Sasso's Coal-Fired Pizza (on Facebook Live)

            52 Main St. Torrington, CT


*** Iron Horse Pub - January 14, 21, 28  6:00 PM

           21 Iron Horse Blvd., Simsbury, CT


*** Note Kitchen & Bar, Saturday, January 29, 12:00 noon

          227 Greenwood Ave., Bethel, CT



Check out "NOTHING LEFT BUT EMPTY" - a song I was commissioned to write this past August!

     Also available for download on BandCamp!

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