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  • 1/26/2018, 9 PM     McKinnon's       Hartford, CT


  • 1/28/2018, 6 PM Infinity Hall Bistro            Norfolk, CT



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    Robert C Fullerton says that he grew up in a home where the radio was on more than the television. With a mother who listened Elvis and the Beatles, and played piano in a little country church, music was all around him. Teaching himself to play at the age of 12, started him on a journey many musical styles and expressions. Church musician, high school choral director, adjudicator, folk musician, jazz musician, rock cover band musician…

    Now, however, he has spent the past several years focusing on one thing: writing and performing his own songs. “I’ve helped other people with the instrumental parts of their songs, arranged choral pieces, written instrumental pieces, but lyrics never came easily. So, I seldom ever tried.” Robert is soon to release his third album of original songs, “You Weren’t There” (joining “Never Too Late – 2013, and “Let It Rain” - 2016).

    Drawing lyrical inspiration from everyday settings, and musically from all of his past expressions, gives him a somewhat unique sound. You might call it “Americana”, call it “jazzy folk”, or (to use Robert’s term) “acoustic soul”. Several of his songs are featured in Elmwood Productions’ series, “The Risely Brothers”.

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